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VesSE v.3.00

The program for weight terminals with video recording of the weights.

You can download the following files:

    The program VesSE v.3.00   Download  Size: 2121 kb. Date: 02.12.2012

    Guidelines for VesSE v.3.00   Download  Size: 2 078 kb Date:06.10.2011

    Configure the terminal weight   Download  Size: 472 kb Date:09.07.2009

§1 Brief description

    VesSE v.3.00 software designed to automate the workplace weigher equipped with surveillance cameras.

The program has the following parameters:
1.Working with different types of weights: platform, axial
2. Working with different weights terminals.
3. Surveillance of all types of cameras.
4. Photographing weighing and storage of photos in the archive.
5. View photos from the card load
6. Various modes of weighing
7. Simultaneous work with the card and load the magazine of the day.
8. View of the scales for any day
9. Exchange of data with a program-1C Enterprise (file)
10. Sharing directories with the program 1C-Enterprise (file)
11. The ability to create Excel documents.
12.Print various documents
13. The automatic weighing.
14. Function obstruction / net weight

Рис1. The main program window VesSE v.3.00

VesSE v.3.00
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